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Weller Wall Pockets

While Weller wall pockets appear in a number of lines like Wild Rose and Roma, the most entertaining were reserved for the woodsy Weller design lines--Forest, Woodcraft and Warwick. Here, both form and function defer to sculptural fun. Even Silvertone sports a twiggy stem, and a Woodrose pocket, incised to look like wood has a narrow wood-finished bottom. One sees branch-like pockets (pocket where?), with berries, wild plums and other fruit and flowers, leaves and even animals like squirrels.

Weller designers' interest in accurate portrayals of natural objects was not confined to wall pockets. Flower-frogs stimulated reproduction of real frogs, human figures, bluebirds and woodpeckers. This interest in sculptural portrayal prompted the highly popular Muskota figurine line. These naturalistic representations may well constitute the most Ohioan of Weller creations.

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