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Weller Pottery Bowls

Weller pottery bowls are reliably collectibe in console-bowl form. While many collectible sites express the hope that their unmarked kitchen mixing bowls are Weller--and surely some of them may well be--absolute identification appears to be difficult in Weller kitchenware.

Decisions about the exact uses of Weller art bowls remained in the hands of consumers, although some Weller bowls come with clear hints as to purpose. Candleholders accompany some console bowls, and they may have been available with more. Most interesting are floral frogs designed specifically for some designs: the frog for a flared Silvertone bowl is painted in the same pattern; the frog for a green petaled Hobart bowl is a little boy, several inches high. Although the bottom of a Sabrinian bowl has delightful wave or seaweed decorations, it also comes with a flower-frog in the form of a seahorse.
Particular attention is paid in console bowls to inside glazes, which vary from clear bright colors to majolica-like and lustre finishes. Empty or filled with flowers, Weller console bowls were clearly treasured.

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