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Weller Planters

Weller planters display an unusual diversity of design. Some are clearly part of established lines, like a Roma window-box (complete with an Italian-style wall-fountain lip at the bottom)a Flemish hanging-basket planter (whose design has as much to offer someone viewing it from the bottom as from the side), and a woodsy Warwick sharing the hand-molded shapes of its design family. Others stand outside the lines; one has the feeling some of them could well have come from designers' "well, why not?" files.

Clearly, Weller respected its designers, and one senses that some of these small pieces may have been practice or experimental pieces. Their individuality leads to occasional collector confusion--"planter/console,"
"dish/planter." What they consistently display, though, is the integral relationship between form and design that characterizes Weller's work. A collector offers an unknown Celtic knot ornamented planter as a possible Weller--one look at how shape and ornament work together tells us she's making an excellent guess.

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