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Weller Pitchers

Collectible Weller pitchers are harder to find than vases--which means their elegant design details did not keep them from being useful on a frequent basis.

Early Weller pitchers remind collectors that the company began making daily ware; single-glazed and incised with grooves, they look ready to go back to daily work, serving milk, lemonade or cream for coffee. Even the simplest show careful design; balance between handle and container is noticeably right from one design to another.

Several collectors note mineral deposits at the bottoms of their more elegant pitchers, which suggests that owners made little distinction between pitchers and vases for flowers. Cameo pitchers in ewer shapes show deep lips and plumply rounded bellies. A flowered pitcher with a white ground shows similar generosity of line. A tall slender Eocean pitcher shows the hand-painting that distinguished many early Weller pieces.

Small creamers show a distinct sense of humor; a green Gloria creamer with a multi-crimped edge sits tipped slightly forward--ready to pour. Not always marked, Weller pitchers signal their origins by thoughtful design.

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