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Weller Jardinieres

Weller jardinieres stand firmly on their bases, occasionally with an attached short pedestal but even then with an overall effect of sturdy elegance.

Whether early or late, jardinieres show subtle shifts in overall pot shape to reflect design scheme. The wall of Forest jardinieres are straight and tall, just as one would expect of forest trees. The classical proportions of Clinton Ivory and Lorber, along with finishes imitating the work of Greek or Roman potters suggest solid knowledge of historic examples. Lorber is one of several lines which were named for their designers. Whether named for a designer or not, Weller pottery, including its jardinieres, always suggests the presence of human design decisions rather than mechanical prowess. Even when ware ceased to be hand-painted, one feels the hands both of a potter and a painter when looking at Weller jardinieres. The inclusion of Blue Drapery, Flemish, and Baldwin Blue Apple in jardiniere designs suggests that no detail is insignificant, even when supporting a potted plant.

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