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Roseville Wall Pockets

Wall pockets may strike some modern decorators as truly odd. Not candle-sconces, not quite vases, they often hang empty above a console bowl and candlesticks. What is the function of these lovely objects? Guesses abound. Although it makes great sense to use wall pockets as vases, one collector insists how important it is to remember that they are never used that way. Another announces that they were invented for rooting plants. Yet one more offers that they are a great place to keep car or house keys--a modern adaptation, to which one might be tempted to add the cell phone.

Roseville wall pockets are best enjoyed just as they are--decorative examples of pottery art, mounted at eye level where details, colors, and high creative standards can be fully appreciated. Fill with flowers if you like--they're your wall pockets, after all--or leave them empty, just to be appreciated for their artistry.

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