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Roseville Planters

One of Roseville's most popular items was its small decorative planters. Sometimes oval, most often rectangular, planters measure approximately 4 inches wide by 12 inches long, providing room for a houseplant on a windowsill or a few annuals on the porch table. Planters are waterproof, showing no drainage holes. Surely a number of them accommodated small flowerpots, which accounts for their survival with little damage from dirt. Planters reflect the fluid shapes and intricate handle designs that characterize all Roseville products. It is clear that one of Roseville's appeals to customers was its early concern with expanding coordinated design into all kinds of fairly humble, frequently-used household objects.

Planters reflect some of Roseville's choices of design elements, showing naturalistic portrayals of flowers, leaves, and berries. Planters were also designed to coordinate with pattern lines, as were vases and pitchers. Displaying plants and flowers, whether growing or fresh-cut could all be done within the offerings of a single favorite Roseville pattern.

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