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Roseville Jardinieres

What's a jardiniere? In Roseville pottery, the answer is two-fold. Roseville jardinieres are either small (4 inch high) or large (9-10 inch)jug-shaped bowls or pedestaled cups 3 inches or more high. Both shapes were intended for informal bouquets or carefully arranged flowers in fairly large numbers.

Roseville's pedestaled jardinieres consist of two pieces: the pedestal and the flower-cup. Pedestals were designed in 3 heights, producing flower-holders 8, 10 or 12 inches tall. The art in collecting Roseville jardinieres is finding both pieces to fit together (not all flower-cup bases fit all pedestals). It may also not be clear, when finding the flower-holder, whether it is meant to stand alone or on a pedestal. Once collector offers a valuable clue. Pedestaled flower-holders are usually numbered with a 400 stock number. The corresponding pedestal will have a 500 stock number, followed by an -8, -10 or -12, for the pedestal height.

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