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Hull Pottery Bowls

Hull pottery bowls fall into three general categories: kitchen utility bowls, table service pieces, and art console bowls.

Utility bowls were for mixing; both the brown-dip glaze and creamware striped styles came in nesting sets. From time to time Hull experimented with stronger colors, and both green and orange nesting bowls can be found on collectible sites.

Table service bowls can be found with tableware glazes, including a number of pedestaled bowls designed for fruit, divided serving bowls for vegetables and smaller bowls for soup and cereal. Many matched dinnerware sets, which also included matching casseroles.

Art-craft console bowls often had matching short candlesticks. Beginning in the 1940s, Hull increasingly experimented with bowl shapes, from leaves in the Tokay pattern to the slightly exotic Bloom Flite to square and round Butterfly pattern bowls. Fluted and asymetric bowls appeared in several established lines like Woodland.
No shape was too challenging for Hull to try.

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